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Corporate insurance

Corporate health insurance at St. Catherine’s Clinic

Employee health insurance is a great way to increase the vitality of the company, increase staff motivation and improve team stability. The benefits package with health insurance is a significant employment benefit that enhances the company’s image. This helps to motivate and attract more qualified and promising employees to the staff.

Corporate health insurance effectively protects people from possible risks due to health problems.

In the Clinic of St. Catherine, you can issue medical policies for corporate clients (employees of firms, enterprises) and their family members. With this medical service, employees receive a quality and comprehensive alternative to public health care. Thanks to timely prevention and improvement of the quality of treatment in companies and enterprises, the number of working days missed by employees due to illness is significantly reduced.

The corporate insurance policy is valid around the clock, regardless of whether the employee is at the workplace or not. He and his family are under the protection of the policy for the entire period provided for in the contract.

Medical insurance programs for corporate clients are developed individually and offer the most favorable conditions for medical care:

  • Family doctors ‘and specialists’ consultations, house call
  • Modern diagnostics (CT, MRI, ultrasound, ECG, radiography, endoscopy)
  • Ambulance services
  • Surgical hospital in the General Hospital of St. Catherine’s Clinic
  • Emergency care for injuries and acute illnesses

The basic package, at the request of the management, can be expanded with additional medical services for companies:

  • Organization of first-aid posts on the territory of turnkey enterprises
  • Carrying out preventive medical examinations at enterprises
  • Ambulance on duty at events
  • Conducting planned and anti-epidemic vaccinations of personnel
  • The ability to enable VIP options for the top management of the company (organization of aesthetic medicine services, extended dental care)

In the Clinic of St. Catherine, the concept of active treatment has been introduced, progressive methods and effective medicines are used. This allows you to carry out treatment in the shortest possible time and ensure stable results.

  • Доставка договора и всей необходимой документации на рабочее место
  • Сопровождение персонального менеджера
  • Гибкий выбор условий и дополнительных опций
  • Специальные условия для страхования членов семьи
  • Круглосуточная информационная поддержка
  • Максимальное покрытие для топ-менеджеров и собственников бизнеса
  • Круглосуточная скорая помощь на территории предприятия
  • Обеспечение мероприятий дежурной машиной скорой помощи
  • Медицинское сопровождение мероприятий (спортивных соревнований, корпоративных праздников, тренингов и т.д.)
  • Проведение медицинских осмотров для сотрудников предприятий

Стоимость корпоративного страхования от 40 грн в месяц за одного сотрудника.