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For doctors

Dear Colleagues! Have you diagnosed your patient with acute myocardial infarction, unstable angina, stable angina, or suspected any other heart problems?

Today, perhaps the most prompt, effective and diagnostically valuable research method is coronary angiography – an X-ray examination of the heart vessels. This procedure shows how correctly the heart works and allows you to choose the most effective treatment method for your patient in each case. The level of professionalism of the clinic’s doctors and modern equipment allow for coronary angiography on an outpatient basis. A few hours later, the patient with the results of coronary angiography returns to you to determine the optimal treatment for his disease.

The choice of treatment tactics is possible only after this procedure.

Please, when referring a patient for coronary angiography, leave your contact phone number to agree on a further treatment plan, in case the doctor immediately after the coronary angiography proposes to conduct a treatment procedure – coronary angioplasty with stent implantation.