Round-the-clock medical care

Health and life sometimes depend not only from the quality of medical care, but also from its timeliness.

For urgent and emergency 24 hours a day care at the of St. Catherine's Clinic it works round the clock medical care service with a single phone number: +38 (048) 728-0000.

It includes:

Turning to round-the-clock medical care of Saint Catherine's clinic, anyone can:

  • call round-the-clock family doctor or ambulance to provide a necessary medical care at home, at work, anywhere in the city;
  • get a necessary background information about Odessa drug-stores where you could get any medications;
  • find out what medical institution in the city are consulted by one or another doctor (for example, rheumatologist, endocrinologist, etc.) and to obtain more detailed information about their consultation hours.

Calling on the hotline +38 (048) 728-0000, only one thing is necessary to describe the symptoms and qualified dispatcher will determine what kind of medical care you need and therefore what doctor’s profile - emergency or family doctor is necessary for you and how quickly.

The dispatcher’s aim is to estimate the patient's condition and to send him the necessary service quickly and accurately according to description of symptoms since it depends much of his qualification and efficiency, in a number of situations it is the patient's life. Therefore the dispatchers with the solid grounding are working in the St. Catherine's Clinic who has in addition passed special trainings.

Differentiating approach of incoming calls allows to optimize the service and to provide medical care which is necessary for patient at the moment.

Urgent (emergency) call service (ambulance service) is qualified to respond to individual case that constitutes life-threatening situation and requires urgent intervention. The most important here is responsiveness and doctor’s professionalism.

The medical emergency teams of St. Catherine's Clinic are universal and any emergencies are in their competition because clinic doctors have long-term practical experience and they ride out on reanimobiles class "C" ( this is the highest class of ambulances), equipped with the latest medical devices corresponding to both domestic and global health.

Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine from June 1, 2009 of № 370 '' About single system of provision of emergency medical care'' is determined a list of cases of health care delivery.

In cases when the patient's state does not constitute life-threatening situation but anyway he deserves medical interventions, general practitioners of ''24/7 Family doctor'' service are ready to deliver medical care day and night.

But the patient does not always need the «еmergency» care. Mostly he needs the qualified advice of the family doctor who can not only deliver emergency aid but also assign a treatment and write out a work incapacity certificate. And what is more the general practitioner provides a complete patient’s work-up.

Anyone who needs an urgent medical care can call with the medical care service a family doctor at home, at work and anywhere in Odessa and its suburbs. From the moment of call the doctor will be coming in a specially equipped car during 2 hours and he will provide the necessary consultative and diagnostic assistance. If the patient is hospitalized in the future, the family doctor (of course at the patient's pleasure) will oversee him as medical commissioner at the hospital.

This organization model of physicians' work of urgent (emergency) call service and "24/7 Family Doctor "service of physician’s visit at home allows to deliver the medical care in high quality and in the shortest time.

At the St. Catherine's clinic these two services operate in close relationship as a part of the single round-the-clock medical care where first of all the Patient has benefits.

Be in good health! But if You, Your family or Someone beside you will need an ambulance, a family doctor's consultation or you will have questions: "Where can I buy the medicine in Odessa?", " Need a doctor - where can I find him? ", please try to have a phone number of our round-the-clock medical care service: 
+38 (048) 728-0000.

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