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      Usually heart attack comes "like a bolt from the blue". You don't expect it to happen at all, and when it comes, it can ruin everything: your life, your career, your family. When it happens, panic is the heart attack's best friend. Your family and relatives desperately start to seek for help: money, medicine, doctors... The telephone is ringing off the hook.... Seems that the ambulance is not coming.... Seconds are hanging heavy... and it is pretty possible that these seconds are the last in life....

      But this situation can be prevented if you see the doctor in time and he will diagnose such severe disease as acute myocardial infarction. According to the statistics, every year people, who suffer from heart diseases are younger and younger. Every man after 40 and every woman after 45 has to take simple tests as echocardiogram, ultrasound, veloergometer, cholesterol tests. These ordinary tests can prevent from situations, when even the most skilled doctor can do nothing.

      Today coronary angiography is the most operating, efficient and diagnostically useful method of heart vessels examination. Angiography is an x-ray examination of heart vessels. The procedure shows in what conditions are your vessels, and helps to choose the most effective treatment in every individual situation. Our skilled doctors, who operate modern equipment, are able to carry out coronary arteriography in ambulatory. After the procedure, the patient is able to come back home with either the results and recommendations for the treatment or with good news that he is healthy.

      Coronary angiography is as useful in ischemic heart disease treatment as an x-ray picture in case of lung diseases.

      This procedure gives the basis for modern strategy of heart diseases treatment.

Preventive measures

Everybody knows the proverb: an apple a day sends a doctor away. But only few of us follow it, telling themselves: "Zip it! and go to the gym!"

Heart diseases preventive measures mean everyday hard self-cultivation and unique life style, which will make you feel comfortable and give you good health.

So, have you decided to live healthy life once again? Have you decided to improve your lifestyle and reduce the risk of heart diseases? According to the European Society of Cardiology, there are generally accepted preventive measures of the heart diseases and the team of our clinic advices you to follow some of them.

So, let's set the "Code" of a healthy person. If you are an absolutely healthy person, then the world medical society set the code for you as for the patient with a low heart diseases' risk:

0 3 5 140 5 3 0

0 - no smoking!

If you are a smoker, you are two times as likely to die of a heart disease. Give up smoking, and you will reduce the risk by 50%. You can do it only yourself, because today there is no medicine, which can be that effective.

3 - walk 3 km a day, or exercise for 30 min.

You reduce the risk of heart diseases if you take any exercise every day for 30 min. Try to choose the most appropriate and enjoyable range of exercises for yourself. Remember, if you do your exercises with family or friends, it is twice as much enjoyable. Physical exercises helps you to reduce your weight and prevent obesity as well as reduce the risk of heart diseases.

5 - vegetables and fruits helpings

People who keep a well-known "Mediterranean diet" reduce the risk of heart diseases three times.

140 - systolic pressure (to 140 mm Hg)

You should always measure your blood pressure. We recommend you to measureyour blood pressure right after you've woken up, but before you got up from your bed. Such blood pressure is known as basal artery pressure and it must be 130|80 mm Hg and lower.

5 - cholesterol level: 5 mol/L and lower

3 - the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in lipidoprogramme to 3 mol/L High lipids level in blood requires special hypocholesterol nutrition regime. This regime will prevent from atherosclerosis.

0 - say no to extra weight!

Remember that extra weight is as dangerous as its wrong distribution. You have to keep appropriate waist circumference: for men - not more than 102cm, for women - 88cm.

You also have to remember, that such diseases as diabetes, different thyroid gland diseases increase the risk of heart diseases. If you suffer from any of them, you should see your doctor and discuss the best measures to reduce the risk of heart diseases. You can always undergo all the necessary tests in St. Catherine’s Cardiology Clinic.

Though, medical science hasn't discovered a remedy for all ills, which is quite impossible because of the unique structure of the man's organism, this easy measures can save you from unexpected heart attack.

Stay healthy! Your life is unique - Save it!  

Materials based on Fourth Joint European Societies`Task Force on cardiovascular disease prevention in clinical practice.

Prepared by Denis Sebov

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