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St. Catherine’s clinic was opened in 2003. An international Ukrainian and Bulgarian project opened the door in Odessa to European treatment standards of cardiovascular diseases. It is the unique private clinic on the south of Ukraine that provides all the necessary medical advice, diagnosis and treatment in cardiology and cardiosurgery.

The clinic was founded by outstanding cardiologists, followers of the German School of Cardiologists and Cardic Surgeons. One of them is Professor Alexander Chirkov, Doctor of Medical Sciences. He has the wealth of experience in leading European and American clinics. Due to this outsdanding person, today cardiological research reached such a high level and more and more new horizons are opened in cardiovascular surgery.

In 1986, Alexander Chirkov successfully performed the first in Eastern Europe heart transplantation. For many years, he was the head of University Hospital “St. Ekaterina” in Sofia, Bulgaria, which is one of the largest medical centers in Europe.

Dmitry Iorgachov, General Manager of Odeskabel PJSC, supported the idea to develop cardiology and cardiac surgery in Odessa, though it didn’t promise immediate investment return. Due to Dmitry Iorgachov, the clinic got expensive equipment and created quick clear and manageable treatment system which is reliably provided with all the needed things.

Together with the name "St. Catherine", Odessa’s clinic also got the European model of cardiological and cardiosurgical care. This model is valuable because cardiological and cardiosurgical help is provided according to set standarts. The doctor takes care of the patient since his first visit to the clinic. The doctor gives his patient all the necessary medical advice, examines him, including carrying out coronary and peripheral vascular angiography and if necessary, performs coronary balloon angioplasty or affected vessels stenting. This model allows providing complete and high-quality medical care.

St. Catherine’s Clinic is the only medical treatment facility in the south of Ukraine, where doctors carry out 99% of interventional procedures through the hand radial artery with low radiological interference. It frees patients from many problems and inconveniences.

Over the years of existence the clinic has made more than 10 000 heart surgeries. In 2012 St.Catherine's clinic was a leader of myocardial infraction surgeries in Ukraine and it was called “The Cardiology clinic of the year” in " National recognition – 2012".

In 2012 the opening of multi-field Polyclinic №1 and family medicine service became a new branch in the St. Catherine's clinic. This new age medical institution offers world-class medical devices, highly experienced doctors and conditions with enhanced patient comfort.

St. Catherine’s Clinic has opened world standard, round-the-clock medical care in 2013.Specially educated dispatchers provide fast request receiving and differentiation, directing a necessary medical care to the patient. Our medical emergency teams ride out on reanimobiles, class "C", equipped with the modern equipment of the international manufacturers. For medical care delivering it is used innovator drugs of global pharmaceutical leaders. The call center is equipped with a monitoring system and medical cars are equipped with GPS navigators. This allows us to control the location of all medical cars and we can direct operationally the closest one situated near the patient’s home or work.

Every year the clinic’s team improves its professional skills. Doctors constantly keep up with news in cardiology and cardiac surgery in the best clinics of Russia, Bulgaria, Israel, Germany and the USA.

St. Catherine’s Cardiology Clinic hospitably welcomes different international conferences as well as regional ones. Every year our doctors take part in congresses under the guidance of European Society of Cardiology (ESC, www.escardio.org), Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE, www.cirse.org), Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT, www.tctconference.com). Such congresses include many instructional seminars, scientific discussions, sharing experiences, exhibitions and trade shows, where the leading producers of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and tools introduce their new products and brands’ resources.

St. Catherine's clinic provides a base for conference scales as to the southern region and international.
High doctor's professionalism, following the latest international standards and client-centered approach allows St. Catherine's clinic to achieve results of the best European clinics' level.

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Multi-field Polyclinic №1

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Cardiological clinic of Saint Catherine

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Catheterization Laboratory Department
based on City Clinical Hospital №3
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